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Hi, I'm Sinlee.

I was born and raised in a cultural melting pot known as Malaysia. I speak three languages, but the most fascinating form of communication to me is of the visual, non-verbal kind. I believe that a great user interface is one that communicates clearly and understands user intents (or, even better, predicts it!) and I want to be part of the conversation.


Here is my professional resume.

Wanna know more?

I am currently a User Experience Researcher at eBay, and I collaborate with Design and Product teams to produce great experiences and solutions for eBay users. Ultimately, I work for the millions of eBay members around the world. I bring their perspective and voice to the forefront and advocate for great end-to-end experiences in our user-facing products within eBay.


Formerly, I was a student at San Jose State University where I earned an M.S. in Human Factors & Ergonomics. My thesis explored the microeconomic effects of white space on value perception.

When I'm not busy trying to tease out insights from data, I can be found working on my patio garden on sunny days, or getting calluses on my thumbs playing Need For Speed on my Playstation 3.


Minor bragging rights

  • Gold Award for Outstanding Student Chapter while serving as President of the Human Factors & Ergonomics Society at San Jose State University, 2012-2013

  • Distinguished International Undergraduate Award at California State University Fresno, 2009

  • Commencement Speaker at the International Commencement Ceremony, 2009

  • Leon S. Peters Leadership Award while serving as the President of the International Students Association at California State Univesity, Fresno, 2008



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