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Here are some of the projects I have worked on.

eBay GivingWorks

Want to make a difference? It should be easy!

The GivingWorks team wanted a research project completed in 11 weeks to prepare for a redesign of their main web page. I developed a multi-phase research strategy for this project. ​

  • Novel participatory design methods
  • Usability testing of semi-functional prototypes
  • User interviews
  • Online surveys
  • Morae Manager

Mercedes-Benz USA

Browsing for a car isn't a smooth ride.

This project explores and exposes the usability issues inherent in the website of Mercedes-Benz USA. I conducted a detailed analysis against known usability heuristics including suggestions for improvement.  

  • Heuristic evaluation
  • Contextual inquiry

An unappetizing interface frustrates users.

In-person usability testing protocols challenged users to complete tasks based on common use cases for the website. As part of a holistic piece of research, my team measured effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction through an analysis of split-screen video footage of users.


  • Usability testing
  • Task-based and goal-based analysis
  • User Interviews
  • Microsoft Expression Studio 3
SJSU Events App

SJSU Events App

Redesigning a key feature of an app

A collaborative project with students from Software Engineering allowed my team to evaluate and redesign an app, complete with a high-fidelity, fully interactive prototype.

  • Expert evaluation methods
  • Usability testing & user evaluations
  • Card sorting
  • Storyboarding
  • Prototyping

Academic Research

Projects of a more theoretical nature.

I've been involved in a number of research projects, both as a primary investigator or as an assistant to other researchers.  

  • ​Statistics & Data Analysis
  • Grant writing
  • APA-style research writing
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