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Academic Research Projects


Perceptual adaptation in stable and unstable virtual environments

Sin Lee Loh & Lorin Lachs, PhD


My honor's thesis project observed the effects of environmental stability on the process of recalibration in a visuo-motor target selection task.

Presented at the Western Psychological Association Conference, 2009 (Portland, Oregon). Supported by the Associated Students Inc. iGrants. 


Binding of features in multiple object tracking

Sin Lee Loh, Jocelyn Guttierez, Tina Tran, Chad Smith, Anne-Marie McReynolds, Veronica Gunawan & Cary Feria, PhD


​This research project observed the effects of distractors on multiple object tracking tasks when distractors differed from targets by one or two visual features.

Presented at the Western Psychological Association Conference, 2012 (San Francisco, California). Supported by the San Jose State University College of Social Sciences Research Grant. 


Categorical learning during visual search: Implicit or explicit

Trevor Sollitt, Andrew Marin, Kerry Kulstad-Thomas, Anne-Marie McReynolds, Michelle Simpson, Tina Tram, Sin Lee Loh, Cary Feria, PhD


​The primary goal of this project was to observe participants' unconscious learning of a rule pertaining to multiple scenes during a visual search task.

Poster presented at the California Cognitive Science Conference, (Berkeley, California).


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