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Mercedes-Benz USA​

Project Overview


The Mercedes-Benz brand prides itself on a reputation for quality, performance and sleek aesthetics. As such, the website needs to support not just brand messaging, but also provide an accessible way to browse the wide selection of vehicles – each with unique features.

Through a heuristic evaluation method, the project has led to insights of poor application of design principles and violations of standard interface rules for usability. Global issues persistent throughout the website lead to poor user experience and failure to accomplish key user goals and tasks vital to a positive experience. Local issues on specific pages were also identified, with recommendations towards improving an experience consistent with the expectations of a product from Mercedes-Benz.

Video Overview

A sneak peek into the project


​The 5-minute video gives a broad introduction to the project and the methods used and then highlights the top five usability issues found on the website.

Numerous other issues were identified. If you'd like to read the full report, it may be downloaded by clicking on the button below.

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