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SJSU Events App

Project Overview


This is a collaborative project by students from the graduate program in Software Engineering and Human Factors & Ergonomics for the Human-Computer Interaction (ISE217) class. I worked  with a team of students on an evaluation and redesign of the SJSU Mobile App's Events feature.

My primary role in the project was in the pre- and post-redesign evaluation of the app as well as the conceptualization of the use case scenarios, storyboarding of users' task processes and card sorting. Throughout the project, I aided in providing feedback to the design and technical teammates and took on the task of documenting our process and structuring our final report. 

Poster Report

A visual overview of our redesign process and prototype


​This report covers the process of the redesign effort, as well as justification of the methods we have used. 

The interactive prototype created was demonstrated live at the class presentation and the screenshots can be viewed here with design justifications on key details of the app.

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