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Mercedes-Benz USA​

Project Overview

This project was conducted with a team for the graduate Usability Testing class (ISE215). We first conducted on this online food-catering website using a expert heuristic evaluations and then identified use cases which we used to create scenarios for participants in order to assess usability issues associated with interacting with Task-based and goal-based scenarios were created for our usability test protocol, and our procedure also included first impression tests (or snap tests) and interviews soliciting subjective user opinions and comments. 

We ran 8 participants in this study and made comparative analyses of each scenario by recording taking time-on-task, first-contact (first interaction initiated for task), detours and page changes. We also analyzed videos and data from each individual to uncover characteristics that trend across scenarios as well as scenario-specific occurrences.

The report

A full report on the process, protocol, and results.


​Our full report covers every detail of our procedure and analysis. A large section is devoted to reporting the usability issues observed during our sessions, which were conducted with split-screen video recording software.

Due to privacy concerns for our participants, the full report of the project will only be shared by request.

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