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I'm a user experience researcher and I help create
memorable, usable and engaging interfaces.



A selection of projects and papers showcasing a few of the methods I use in research and design, as well as my collaborative processes.​



Thoughts on research, design and technology drawn from everyday experiences.​

About Me

About Me

More about me, my background, and accomplishments. Minimal narcissism promised.


Get in touch

Drop me a line if you'd like to chat about all things UX!

Mercedes-Benz Project - Usability Testing
SJSU Events App - Initial Conceptualization on Post-Its
SJSU Events App - Final Design
Here's a random gallery of things have worked on.
Mercedes-Benz Project - Time-on-task analysis
eBay GivingWorks - Participatory Design
eBay GivingWorks - Multi Phase Strategy
Multiple Object Tracking - Research Results
eBay GivingWorks -Data Analysis
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